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Rewards Program

We believe you get what you give.

At Froehlich’s Farm, every customer is important to us, that is why we designed our Garden Rewards Program with you in mind!  From new products and great savings to special events and guests, we want you to be the first to know what is happening on the farm!

We believe our customers our our biggest assest.  Our rewards program is our way to give back to you, to thank you for supporting us and for choosing local.

How It Works:

  • FREE membership!
  • Earn a $5.00 reward for every $200.00 spent towards eligible purchases.
  • To earn rewards, simply provide the garden center cashier with your name and your qualified purchases will be added to your rewards.
  • Best of all – no key chains and no cards to keep track of!

Froehlich’s Farm Extras:

  • Receive exclusive discounts, product samples, coupons and advance notice of sales and special events via email.
  • Ability to track past orders.  i.e. amount of mulch ordered in previous year, variety of particular shrub or tree purchased, etc.
  • Guaranteed smiles, amazing product and outstanding service at every visit!

Become A Member:

Stop in to our store to get signed up, or get started right now by contacting us today!

Rules & Regulations:

At Froehlich’s Farm are committed to protecting the privacy of our valued customers. We firmly stand by our word that all information, once given to us, will remain strictly confidential. Therefore, we will not sell, rent or give away any personal information to any outside person, company, organization or agency.

  • Retail customers are only eligible for the rewards programs.
  • Points are not earned on the following: delivery or labor charges, landscape design services, bulk product, heating products or special events.
  • Rewards are not redeemable towards any sale or discounted items.
  • Points roll over from year to year, however once a reward is earned, they are available for use within 3 months.  If not used within 3 months, your reward will expire.
  • Froehlich’s Farm reserved the right to change or rescind the Garden Rewards Program at any time.
If you have any questions about our
Garden Rewards Program, please contact us at 
or call us at 215 794 8733.