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Feeding Backyard Birds Has Many Benefits

When it comes to feeding backyard birds there are many benefits beyond the sheer enjoyment of bird watching.  These benefits include insect control, weed control, flower pollination, education, interacting with nature, and it can even increase the value of your home.

As more and more land becomes developed, natural habitats for wildlife are destroyed.  By feeding and creating a native habitat for backyard birds, it aids in replacing food sources and shelters that have disappeared.   Further, adding native plants to your gardens and landscape not only benefits the birds and other native wildlife, it also can increase the value of your home.  By maintaining a great landscape, you achieve curb appeal, which is a fantastic investment!   Some great native plants beneficial to birds include flowering dogwood, witch hazel, white pines, maple trees, oak trees, serviceberry, winterberry, spicebush, barberry, elderberry, echinacea, and viburnum.

With the increasing amount of insects, birds play an important role in our ecosystem and keep insect populations under control.   By attracting birds to your backyard, these feathered friends can reduce certain insect populations up to 98%, making for great insect control.  Along with insects, many birds eat huge amounts of seeds.  By attracting birds to your backyard, it will also attract them to natural food sources, like weeds, that are unwanted in your landscape.

Not only will birds help with the weed control of your landscape by eating seeds, but wild birds also assist with flower pollination to further benefit your gardens.  Further, by observing birds it creates an education experience, which is great for all ages.  There are over 10,000 different species of birds in the world, and the United States along is home to about 900 different species.

Without the help of native birds, our gardens would easily be overrun with weeds and insect populations would plague our ecosytem and way of life.  For those two reasons alone, our backyard feathered friends are definitely something to keep around.  Yes, they have many natural food sources, but constant development has greatly depleted those sources.  So remember, by adding a bird house, bird feeder, or native plants to your property, you help the native birds and our ecosystem a little at a time, in addition to gaining all the benefits that native birds bring to you!

Below are bird varieties often found in local backyards.  Stop in our store to find out which bird feed or bird house is perfect for attracting your favorite bird!  Froehlich’s Farm has a great selection of Cole’s Wild Bird Food Lyric Wild Bird Food, Droll Yankee Feeders, Duncraft Bird Feeders & Houses and many other great bird food and bird accessory items.

13 thoughts on “Feeding Backyard Birds Has Many Benefits”

  1. I had no idea that by keeping a bird house in my back yard I could reduce specific insect populations by 98%. It seems like this would be a great way to save money and, at the same time, enjoy the company of birds. I’ll have to consider getting a bird house when spring time comes around.

  2. Great article on feeding backyard birds. I didn’t realize that one of the benefits of having birds in your backyard is that it decreases certain insect populations by 98%. This is understandably a really nice thing to have, especially if you tend to have a lot of bugs. If you have a big backyard, perhaps it would be good to have multiple bird feeders. That way, they can be spread around your yard and help reduce the bugs all over.

  3. My wife and I have finally made the move from the city to the suburbs. We have been wanting to move because my wife suffers from asthma. This is our first yard, and we want it to be special. I didn’t realize that birds were a crucial tool in trying to keep insects under control in your yard by eating them. That’s an awesome benefit of having a birdhouse!

  4. I did not realize that there were so many birds that have lost their homes due to the goring population and increasing development. Because of that, I agree that giving birds a place to live by feeding them and giving them bird houses is a great thing to do. Also, I think that it would be very beneficial to look up the different kinds of birds that live in the area that you love in so that you will be able to attract them by planting flowers and trees that they like. That way you will know for sure that your bird houses will be used.

  5. I’ve been trying to think of a gift to give my mother, and wanted to get some good ideas. You wrote that attracting birds to your backyard is actually a great idea, as it can help control the population of insects. I’ll have to find a pretty birdhouse my mother could put in her backyard, as she loves to spend time with friends in her yard and having less insects would definitely make things more pleasant.

  6. My kids always think it’s so fun when they see birds flying around our yard so I’ve been curious to learn if this is good for a yard or not. Before reading this I had no idea that birds can carry pollen that helps pollinate flowers! Having bird feeders that attract birds to our yard now seem like a great way to entertain my kids and take care of my yard. Thank you!

  7. My wife and I just built a garden in the backyard and have been thinking of getting a birdhouse ourselves. I had no idea that birds could help reduce the insect population in a garden by 98%! We have a lot of pesky bugs around so this sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Just the singing of birds in the morning is such a delight to hear; that is just one of the great benefits of having birds visit your backyard. I remember when my mom would put up birdhouses in our backyard, and her telling me how important they are to helping the plants and crops that grow in our lawn. All this, coupled with a wonderfully designed landscaping could make every garden be more than just a place to grow your plants on.

  9. What I found interesting about this article was what you said about how birds help keep pests under control and help with pollination. My husband has been talking about getting some bird houses and I was just wondering why that could be so important. I think that this could really help out our garden and the general look of our backyard.

  10. Great article on why we should care and feed the birds. With climate change resulting into numerous loss of bird habitats it necessary for us to find a solution on bird feeding by provide a conduive backyard garden with bird feeders and water. During dry seasons birds undergoes a lot of difficulty. Human are encroaching and destroying the little remaining shrub that provide feeding ground for birds. Having birds near you help in observing different types of bird species and a better way to do this is by providing feed and water. Thanks for sharing and continue with the good work

  11. I love how you said that feeding backyard birds has many benefits. I have always enjoyed watching birds and think I should get a feeder sometime for my back porch. Knowing that there might be other benefits to feeding birds in my backyard other than just my pure enjoyment is a plus.

  12. I never knew that birds helped keep both weed and insect populations in check! My husband and I have been wanting to start a garden but have been worried about always having to weed. We’ll have to look for a great birdfeeder to see if that would help. Thanks for the information!

  13. I loved how you mentioned that feeding birds can help replace food sources that have been destroyed. Last night my 6-year-old daughter and I were sitting out on our patio and she told me how she wanted to get a bird feeder so she can look at all the different types of birds. I’ll have to look into getting a bird feeder for our home!

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