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2019 Calendar of Events

2019 Calendar of Special Events 

September 28 (Saturday):  
Suprise Princess Visit

September 29 (Sunday):  none

 October 5 (Saturday):  Petting Zoo + Percy the Camel
Pig Placement Network

 October 6 (Sunday): Petting Zoo
Birds of Prey Visit with Master Falconer

 October 12 (Saturday):  Petting Zoo

 October 13 (Sunday): Horse Drawn Wagon Rides
Surprise Princess Visit

 October 19 (Saturday): Horse Drawn Wagon Rides
Jax's Labrador Retreiver Rescue

 October 20 (Sunday): Petting Zoo + Percy the Camel

 October 26 (Saturday):  Petting Zoo + Percy the Camel
*RESCHEDULED from 10/20 and 10/27-*

 October 27 (Sunday):  none